Paulo Fohlin

My legal practice is focused on acting as arbitrator and counsel in international arbitration in Hong Kong, Stockholm and elsewhere. These disputes may involve cross-border contracts governed by laws of common law as well as civil law countries. As an arbitrator, I find it fascinating to work with parties, counsel and arbitrators from different parts of the world with different legal and cultural backgrounds. I enjoy gaining insights into different industry sectors, markets and technologies. Given the frequent use of Stockholm as a place for investment treaty arbitration, I have also been involved in several investment treaty disputes.

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Kristian Odebjer

I work for the most part with entrepreneurial clients, several of whom have built sizeable businesses from scratch. Seeing a new venture take off is one of the great rewards of my job. Often, I assist clients entering new markets outside their home country. I aim to keep things simple while at the same time making sure that my clients are prepared to face whatever legal challenges they may encounter.

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